One accused the other of whip violation, both sides preparing for action

  • २५ जेष्ठ २०७८, मंगलवार २१:५४ प्रकाशित
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  • Dhangadhi, May 8 Both sides of the CPN (UML) are preparing to take action against those who vote for Trilochan Bhatt, the leader of the CPN (Maoist Center) and the Chief Minister of the Far Western Province.
    Leader Madhav Nepal’s parliamentary party had decided to give a vote of confidence to Chief Minister Bhatt in Tuesday’s vote. Apart from the Speaker, 17 out of 24 voted for Chief Minister Bhatt and seven against.
    Chief Whip of the party Durga Kumari BK said that seven people had violated the whip and that they were ready to take action. “We are moving forward in a lawful manner,” he said.
    According to sources, former ministers Pathan Singh Bohara, Ratan Thapa, Nepalu Chaudhary, Liladhar Bhatt, Galv Singh Bohara, Baldev Regmi and Maya Tamang Bohara have been suspended from the state assembly for six months.
    Meanwhile, the founding party of the CPN-UML has also started preparations to take action against 17 members of the state assembly. A meeting of the Standing Committee chaired by UML Chairman and Prime Minister KP Sharma last week decided to withdraw its support to the Far-Western state government.
    Rajendra Singh Rawal, state secretary of the establishment party, said that 17 people would be prosecuted as they had given a vote of confidence to the chief minister against the decision.
    He said that on Monday, the UML had written a letter to the state committee members asking them to vote against the chief minister. However, the party’s directive was violated and now there is a discussion on whether the party center should take action or the state should take action, Rawal said.
    Although the Nepali side has been saying that no action can be taken as they have voted as per the constitution of the parliamentary party, the establishment party has said that those who do not abide by the party’s decision can be removed from the party’s general membership and state assembly.
    Among those who voted for the Chief Minister are party leader and Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Prakash Bahadur Shah, Minister for Physical Planning Dirgha Sodari, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Purna Joshi, Minister for Social Development Lal Bahadur Khadka, Chief Whip Durga Kumari Kami, Ministers of State Chun Kumari Chaudhary, Archana Gahatraj, Mana Saud and former Ministers Maya Bhatt. And Krishna Raj is Subedi. Similarly, former chief whips Tara Lama Tamang, Kulbir Chaudhary, Hark Kunwar, Amar Saud, Sushila Budhathoki, Bal Bahadur Sodari and Prakash Rawal also voted for the chief minister.

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